The fact about India being the world’s largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry was further reinforced on 1st July when Prime Minister Narendra Modi formally launched the mission of Digital India. It was an occasion that made Rajiv Gandhi’s dreams come true since he had heralded the era of computers in the country on a mass scale way back in 80s. Reportedly, today the Indian IT industry accounts for over 52 per cent of the current global market estimated to be in the range of 128 billion US dollars. Indeed, the IT industry employing about 10 million Indians contributes significantly to the progressive social and economic transformation.

Other than office automation as well as playing prime and secondary roles in the industrial sector like CAD and CAM, the major utility of IT has been in the sphere of the internet, the website applications in particular. So much so, it is said that a website could be termed as the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of every other entity and activity under the sun. Right from an individual to private or public enterprises, corporate bodies and governmental organisations, the website has turned out to be the most pro-active medium of communication for both commercial and non-commercial affairs.

However, the effective impact of a website, particularly in the spheres of governance, education, healthcare, trade and industry depends not only in its design but also on the functioning of SEO, acronym for search engine optimisation. It is the SEO who lends an upper hand and cutting edge to a website over others in enabling more number of visitors. It is the catalyst for the ultimate success of a website in the present day market-driven economy. To cite an example, SEO companies in Delhi NCR are in great demand.

They identify the objectives of a website in the proper perspective and determine the relevant effective factors under different fields – particular and exclusive words in the text of the content, images, videos news, etc. As such the SEO is the guiding light for the respective websites. Since leading designers and developers of websites are based in this region, top SEO companies in Delhi NCR play a pivotal role in the country’s socio-economic progress.


On their part, the SEOs are expected to follow certain prescribed conventional and ethical norms in their modes of functioning. This is a very significant aspect considering e-commerce and m-commerce having become the present day livewire modes of transactions. As for the techniques and allied modus-operandi, search engines rely on complex mathematical algorithms to identify, ascertain and tap which websites a user seeks. It is a very intricate exercise that involves extensive tracking of tens of thousands of specific links to ultimately prioritise the most effective keywords and tags.

So much so, it is truly a battle of wits between human intelligence and the artificial intelligence of the computer in the rat race to supremacy. American journalist and graphic designer turned analyst Danny Sullivan and compatriot Bruce Clay are regarded as pioneers in pioneering the concept of SEO although there have been certain conflicting reports of several others claiming credit for this amazing and revolutionary element in a website.